Frog Pond Productions

An educational communications network

501(c)(3) Tax-exempt Publicly-supported Charitable Organization Est. 1999

The purposes of the network are to provide expert consulting and education, especially multimedia production services to charitable organizations and worthwhile causes.

"The Daily Ripple" -

"Turtle Island" Radio with Host Dan Baynes - Tuesday 7 to 10 pm

Weekly Radio Broadcast Featuring Roots Reggae, Diverse World Rhythms and Voices, Drums & Music of Native People

The Lion, The Ostrich and The Squirrel

The Lion, The Ostrich and The Squirrel: An Ancient Maasai Folktale in Print

MCEP is excited to announce the April 20th release of The Lion, The Ostrich and The Squirrel, an ancient Maasai folktale, in the form of a children’s coloring book. This folktale, illustrated by Bucks artist Pat Achilles, will include English and Swahili narratives on each page. Besides being available for schools in America, Maasai children across Kenyan primary schools will read this very old story in English and the Kenyan official language of Swahili.


Mission Statement

Using broadband communication networks, such as radio, television, film, video and the internet, the purposes of the network are to:

    *   provide educational and consulting services;

    *  become a professional resource for nonprofit organizations and educational institutions; and

    *  produce educational, training, documentary and promotional programs and series (video and audio) for distribution and airplay.


501(c)(3) Charitable Organization

Frog Pond Productions is a publicly-supported, tax-exempt charitable organization.

All donations to Frog Pond Productions, or any of the projects sponsored by Frog Pond Productions, are tax-deductible.


The IRS permits the amount that is donated to Frog Pond Productions that exceeds the fair market value of the material(s) received is tax deductible